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VISA Credit Card

You can place the order online with your Visa credit card with following steps

1. Choose the product you like, select the quantity and click "ADD TO CART"
2. Click "Go To Checkout"
3. Log in your account or register a new account with a valid email
4. Click "Continue Checkout"
5. Choose Visa and click “Continue Checkout”
6. Check all information and Click “Confirm The Order”
7. Enter your card info and click “Submit Now”

Your payment process was protected by the bank, we do not know any information of your credit card, please do not worry to place an order

The order is finished, You will get an email confirmation about your order number
1 Order Confirmation is just for information confirming, it doesn’t mean your order has already successful
2. Please confirm the email address you registered is correct and valid so that you can get further email information about your order
3. Email from us may goes to Spam box, please check there

Please note: For the security of our both safe trade, we only accept the total amount of money under US$600.0 via credit card at one time. If your order is over US$600.0, please contact us. 

If it is unsuccessful to pay via credit card at the first time, please make sure that all information you filled in on our website is correct and there is enough money in your card and no restriction from your bank, call your bank in advance and then try it one more time.

Please email us the following details after you made the payment.
1. Sender First Name:              
2. Sender Last Name:  
3. MTCN Number         
4. The Exact Amount you send 
5. The product name and quantity you ordered:
6. Consignee:
7 Your delivery address
8. Telephone number: